SIMB3 Capabilities

Designed for unattended extended operation in some of the world's harshest environments, SIMB3 gives you the capability to remotely measure ice, ocean, and atmospheric data from a singular, integrated platform.

Environmental capabilities

SIMB3 spans from the ice into the ocean and air, bridging three environments simultaneously. It is equipped with a fully sealed and buoyant hull and can be installed in existing ice or in open water.

SIMB3 CIS 2023 #1 deployed in open water in Newfoundland, Canada.

SIMB3 can measure ice from 0 m (open water) to 2.5 meters thick. It is designed specifically for measurements of seasonal ice (first-year ice) that fully melts out each year. It's buoyant design allows it to capture data long into the melt season and even survive refreezing for multi-seasonal operation.

SIMB3 is capable of year-round operation in maritime environments with temperatures down to < 40 C.

Measurements captured

The standard SIMB3 measurement package captures the following data.

  • Ice and snow thickness (up to 3 meters, combined)
  • GPS location
  • Air temperature and pressure
  • Ocean, ice, and snow temperature profile (2cm spacing)

The detailed description of these sensor, precisions, and accuracies is described here. Customized sensor packages are also supported.


All SIMB3s are equipped with a custom low-power datalogger that is satellite connected (Iridium) for operation anywhere in the world. Data from SIMB3 is streamed back on regularly defined intervals (usually every 4 hours) via our data platform where it is made available online instantly.

Operational Lifespan

SIMB3 is equipped with a sealed 60-cell alkaline battery that provides power for continuous operation between 1 and 2 years. The exact timespan of operation depends on a host of environmental factors, but lifespan up to one year is common. An alkaline battery is used to abide by international shipping regulations that prohibit, or make difficult, the shipping of lithium batteries.


SIMB3s have been successfully redeployed numerous times. Version 4 SIMB3s come with an embedded temperature string which further enables redeployment by reducing the risk of instrument damage during recovery.