Visualizing Climate Observations,
in Real Time

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Data from instruments equipped with our Real Time Data package are located here. Instruments labeled "ACTIVE" are installed and transmitting, typically on one or four hour intervals. Instruments labeled "INACTIVE" or "INACTIVE (PENDING)" are instruments that have experienced lapses in transmissions, most often from damage sustained during ice breakup or rafting events. The "RETIRED" label is for instruments that have been deployed and recovered, and the "AWAITING DEPLOYMENT" designation is for instruments that have not been installed into ice yet.

Disclaimer: the data available for download on each instrument page is owned by the individuals designated under “contact”. Consent from these individuals should be gained prior to any use.

This page is powered by Cesium and the National Snow and Ice Data Center 0081 Near-Real-Time DMSP SSMIS Daily Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentration dataset. Values are updated daily.

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