Instruments in the Field
Data in the Cloud

Focus on your project's mission instead of managing complex data streams from your transmitting assets with Cryosphere Innovation’s instrument management platform

How it works

Create, Deploy, & Discover

Our platform gives you a framework for managing transmitting assets like buoys, weather stations, and data loggers. Simply define your instruments, add your data, and watch your dashboard come to life.

Define your instrument

An instrument describes your physical device and it’s hardware. Instruments can be anything, but common examples are buoys weather station, or IOT dataloggers.

Serial #
Sensors{ ... air_temp }

Create deployments

After you define an instrument you can deploy it. Every deployment has it’s own database, web page, and unique identifier. An instrument can have one or multiple deployments.


Add your data

Bring your deployment to life by adding data via CSV or REST API. If your instrument uses Iridium SBD, we can also handle real-time binary decoding for you.

Download CSV
Last transmission: 3 min ago
Globe hemisphere snippet
-- air_temp

Flexible and scalable

Built to help you move faster

Focus on your project goals instead of spending resources building and maintaining IT systems.

Dashboard for any instrument

Schema-less design gives massive flexibility to ingest of many different kinds of structured data.

APIs built in

Make any instrument a real-time instrument using our REST API.

Easily add collaborators

Keep your data public or lock it down so that only you and those you designate can view or download.

Cloud-native and wicked fast

Benefit from the latest technologies including Django, Next.js, and MongoDB meaning performance is high and page loads are instantaneous.


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We’re just starting.

We’re still developing this tech and want to hear from as many people as possible as we refine it. If you join our beta you’ll have full access to new developments as well as opportunities to steer the development!

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