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SIMB3 gives you ice thickness, growth, melt, and temperature data from anywhere in the world, instantly.

| Install in < 30 min to collect a years worth of data

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Why Sea Ice Mass Balance Buoy 3?

Collect data in summer

High-precision sonic rangefinders directly measure ice and snow position even when the ice is warm and melting.

Open water deployable

Waterproof and buoyant, SIMB3 is both deployable and operable in open water and seasonal ice.

Set it and forget it

Install withouth tools in less than 30 min for fully-autonomous, 4-season operation.

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Feature-Packed & De-Risked

Building equipment that withstands the test of time in the world's harshest environment is no easy feat. SIMB3 is the result of years of R&D, and now we've packed it with even more features to help you accomplish your research goals.

Time-Series Monitoring

SIMB3 enables year-long observations of ice melt, growth, and temperature profile that are impractical or impossible to collect by other means. Whether you’re conducting climate research or monitoring ice roads, SIMB3 stretches your data collection capabilities and dollars by automating routine observation.

Learn how to plot SIMB3 data using MATLAB

Real-Time Connected

From the SIMB3 data dashboard, you can view the data your instruments collect immediately after they collect it. Current conditions, historical measurements, and instrument information are available within 5 minutes of transmission from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Want to build applications on top of SIMB3 data? Check out our API for programmatic access.

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Endlessly Customizable

By carefully combining proprietary and open source design solutions, SIMB3 is built around customizability. Purchase our standard model or work with us to create a bespoke instrument package that optimally suits your observational goals.

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"The SIMB3 is a central component of our research program. It provides enhanced capabilities for sea ice mass balance measurements in a package that is easier to ship, easier to install, more reliable and less expensive than previous models. Data from SIMB3s are automatically posted on the web within minutes making it easy to track ice temperature and thickness at multiple locations in the polar oceans"

Dr. Don Perovich

Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College

One Tool, Numerous Applications

Built as a platform, SIMB3 is designed to serve many different purposes right out of the box. Whether your conducting world-class sea ice research or monitoring ice-roads, SIMB3 augments your abilities by collecting data while you sleep. In all cases, your data is instantly available anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Sea ice research

Remotely observe the 4-season cycle of sea ice mass balance with independent surface and bottom measurements

Community monitoring

De-risk ice travel and navigation with ice thickness, growth, melt, and weather data in real-time

Offshore energy

Better inform strategic decisions by monitoring sea ice conditions near current and future asset locations

Organizations That Rely on SIMB3

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