Cryosphere REST API

The Cryosphere Innovation REST API gives programmatic access to the Cryosphere Innovation system in a lightweight, modern format.

With the API, users can query deployment data and metadata from any deployment in the Cryosphere system. Responses are returned as JSON which can be easily parsed into native objects in the programming language of your choice.

Accessing Public Data

All deployments listed in our Data Portal are public and can be accessed (read-only) via our Rest API. You can query both raw data and metadata, like deployment name, status, location, start date, etc.

Accessing Private Data

Deployments with a status of "private" are invisible to anyone that's not either the deployment instrument owner or a deployment collaborator. API access is limited to these two classes of users.

Data Platform

For customers using our Data Platform, full read/write access is provided to deployments you have created.