New Website Intro

Check out the features of our new website, which was rebuilt from the ground up.

How do we take the SIMB3 Real-Time Data System and generalize it so it will work for almost any kind of instrument? We're talking dashboards, APIs, and Iridium SBD decoding for virtually any type of instrument.

We challenged ourselves to answer this question. Of course, we also wanted to improve the user experience for those accessing the world's largest repository of seasonal ice mass balance data.

With that being said, let's take a look at some key features of our new site.

Key improvements and Features

  • 📈 Data hosting for any instrument (Beta)

    Get all the features of SIMB3 including real-time data, public/private dashboards, and APIs for any instrument with our new Data Platform product. Read all about its capabilities or help us develop it by signing up to be a beta tester.

  • 😃 Greatly improved data page & user dashboard

    Discover, access, and download data easier than ever from our overhauled data page and user dashboard.

  • 🎯 Deployment-centered design

    Our system now supports multiple-deployments for a single instrument. Each deployment has it's own page, database, and settings.

  • 🔎 Site wide search

    Find what you need easily with site-wide search. Simply type Command-K (Control-K on Windows) to search deployments or documentation from a single window.

  • 📷 Support for Media & Images (Coming soon)

    Upload images & documents to your deployments.

Other Notable changes

  • Status wording change

    Deployment status labels have changed. "Active" is now "deployed", "Retired" is now "inactive", and "Awaiting deployment" is now 'undeployed'

  • Independent Deployment & Instrument names

    Because of our transition from an instrument-centered system (old site) to a deployment-centered system (new site), we now have the ability to name deployments and instruments differently. This will help us avoid situations like Dartmouth 2021 #9 which was deployed in 2023.

  • Dark Mode Support

  • Changelog Keep track of site changes, feature improvements, or just learn when new instruments have been deployed.