2023 Updates & Changes

We’ve greatly improved both our website and SIMB3. Check out what’s new!

We're excited to introduce our two biggest developments for 2023: Our completely overhauled website and a new custom temperature string for SIMB3.

New Website and API

We rebuilt our website from scratch to give you a better user experience while also adding features that allow it to serve more people and more use cases. A lot has changed, but here's a summary of some of the big modifications.

Notable changes

  • New Data Platform (Beta)

    We're proud to introduce our Data Platform beta. The Data Platform is a new product that generalizes the SIMB3 Real-Time System for use with other instruments, unifying the process of data collection from transmitting assets deployed worldwide. Learn more about it here.

  • Deployment-centric design

    Instead of centering around instruments, our new system centers around deployments. This abstraction lets us better organize information, and most importantly, allows our system to support multiple deployments of the same instrument.

  • Completely revised Public Data Repository

    Find the data you're looking for easier than ever with our completely refactored Public Data Repository. View, download, or pin any deployment in the Cryosphere system from a single page.

  • Greatly improved user dashboard

    The user dashboard has been completely overhauled to make finding and keeping track of assets easier and more intuitive.

  • Much better documentation

    Find everything you need from one spot on our fully overhauled Documentation page.

  • Dark mode

    You can now change your theme by selecting dark or light mode from your profile drop down.

For a more comprehensive review of the new website features, checkout our New Website Introduction article.

New Integrated SIMB3 Temperature String

Our goal was to create a higher performance, more resilient string while still providing scientific compatibility with the Bruncin string used on all SIMB3s since 2016.

Read all about the features and development of this string in the New SIMB3 Integrated Temp String article.

Several pre-production strings at our shop being potted. Every SIMB3 has two string halves, one for the bottom and one for the top section. The split design allows SIMB3 to still fold in half for shipping.

All future buoys will ship with this string and 13 have already shipped with it in 2023. These buoys include SIMB3 2023A, SIMB3 2023B, SIMB3 2023C, SIMB3 2023D, and SIMB3 2023E.