Build Applications With SIMB3 Data Using Our REST API

Build Applications With Your Data

Access data and metadata from any Cryosphere Innovation asset from our REST API with one line of code.

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A Whole New Way to Interact With Your Data

With our REST API, you have full control and access to data from your Cryosphere Innovation assets through a lightweight, fast, modern interface. With it you can build custom applications, set permissions, and manage data in your own databases or websites.

Confused by terms like "REST" and "API"? Check out this in-depth introduction.

Built With Accessibility at it's Core

Data is more useful when it's accessible, standardized, and documented. Our REST API gives you programmatic access to your data, providing the infrastructure to build real-time applications for web visualization, archiving, or modeling in any software of your choice.

Need to archive your data on standard intervals? No problem.
Want to make a data visualization app? No problem.
Want to build a Twitter Bot that tweets the current air temperature from active SIMB3s in the Canadian Arctic? No problem.
Want to quality-control and beam your data to the GTS? No problem.

Access is simple, and because the API adheres to REST principals, it's software agnostic. Requests can be made using any program, library, or method that supports HTTP GET requests.

Building a real-time application? No more need to download and parse CSV spreadsheets everytime. And certainly no more dealing with archaic FTP servers.

Curious how to get started? Check out our API docs.

Your Librarian to an Ever-Growing Library of Data

As datasets grow in size number, they get harder to manage. With our API, your data is now better organized and available instantly after instrument transmission. Making queries is as simple as formatting a querystring with the parameters you want. See it in action in your directly in your browser!👇

Try it out! Click the link below to request air temperature and latitude from a buoy.

When clicking the above link, the data you see is a response from the API which pulls data from our cloud-based database according to the parameters specified after the ? in the URL.

Everything after the ? is called the querystring. The values in the querystring tells our REST API what you're looking for. Want to query water_temp from all active SIMB3s? You can do that. Want to query only the most recent transmission from all buoys deployed in the Beaufort Sea? You can do that.

Data-Visualization Made Easy

With data at your fingertips you can build virtually any application or data-visualization program you can think of. Our entire website (including our SIMB3 data dashboard) is build on top of our REST API.


Because data-visualization libraries (like ApexCharts.js) are often designed specifically to consume data from REST APIs, storytelling with the data you've worked hard to capture is now easier.

Ready To Get Started?

To get started with our API, sign in or make an account and then check out the API Docs.

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